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Welcome to Tough Choices Foundation’s Real Estate Initiatives!

We are committed to addressing the critical issue of limited housing availability in underserved communities, where many families lack proper home stability. Our strategic partnership with CN FUND, a leading construction company, has enabled us to make a significant impact in these communities.

Our Approach:

CN FUND specializes in building modern, energy-efficient homes that offer sustainable living solutions. These homes are equipped with solar panels, significantly reducing utility costs for residents. In addition, we provide electric car chargers for families who own electric vehicles or plan to transition to eco-friendly transportation in the future.

Why Choose Tough Choices Real Estate Initiatives?

By investing in our real estate projects, you become a part of our mission to create affordable and low-income housing options that empower families and individuals with stability, economic benefits, and a sustainable future. When you partner with us, you contribute to positive change in communities that need it most.

Get Involved:

If you’re interested in learning more about how to invest and get involved in our future real estate projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome individuals, organizations, and investors who share our vision of building a stronger, more equitable future through affordable housing.
Together, we can make a difference and provide families with the home stability they deserve. Contact us today to explore opportunities and join us in transforming lives and communities.

Forest Hill

Great Area By New Public Tiger Woods Golf Course! Build Is Green, Energy Efficient, Includes Impact Windows, Car Chargers And Solar Panels.

Coney Terrace

½ Mile To The Beach! Directly Over Ocean Ave Bridge. Build Is Green, Energy Efficient, Includes Impact Windows, Car Chargers And Solar Panels!

Vilma Lane

Less Than 9 Minutes From Down Town. Close To Shopping And Starbucks. Build Is Green, Energy Efficient, Includes Impact Windows, Car Chargers And Solar Panels.

Promising Investment Opportunity



*Targeted Average Annual Investor Returns



100% over build cost 12% Paid Annually

125% over build cost 18% Paid Annually

150% over build cost 22% Paid Annually


All construction sites can be viewed real-time via Bluetooth cameras.
Site Plan acceptance documentation and permit inspection cards available in each project folder.

(*Targeted refers to a goal that may or may not be attained based on a variety of assumptions that may or may not be realized. Securities are only available to verified accredited investors who can bear the loss of their investment.)




West Palm Beach, FL




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