Our 6 HEX™ Investments Strategy

Generating risk-adjusted returns estimated at 12%-22% p/a

1. Desirability of Location:

Higher than average percentage of value attributable to land

2. Demand Generators:

Multiple demand generators to maximize retail sales.

3. Desirability of layout:

Local understanding of the local market and proximity to desirable

4. Demographic Affluence:

Target $100,000AVG HHI in a 1-mile radius.

5. Disrupt:

Turning conventional construction on its head with a process
that cost the same and is completed in half the time.

6. Density of Population:

Target 100,000 people in a 3-mile radius.

We mitigate risk by leveraging our team of investment professionals to source fundamentally sound multi-family lots with value-add plays in markets with key economic factors that fuel growth. This helps if everything goes as planned, but problems are inevitable.

Our second set of calculations help verify that the deal meets or exceeds our safety net.

  1. What does comparable data show in square footage prices within 1 mile.

  2. Sold comp sales prices within 1 mile.

  3. Based on a range of good to great rental revenue, what is the potential NOI of the asset. Does this cover the investors at 95% occupancy?

  4. NOI as a sales price comparable versus a conservative 7% return for a new buyer. This calculation is usually a good indicator of what the after-build value and sales price.

Keith, Tom and Te’von are long time natives of South Florida. We feel our unique ability to problem solve is where the true value is found. In the event a problem does arise, we have a rolodex of people who will solve it if we personally can’t…



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